Exotic Women's 18ct Rose Gold vermeil on Sterling Silver and Rubies Peruvian Chakana Cross Dangle Earrings

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These exotic 18ct rose gold vermeil on Sterling Silver Peruvian Chakana  Cross Dangle  Earrings inset with vibrant rubies are said  to represent love,energy, passion and a zest for life.

Embark on a mystical spiritual journey into the Ancient Perucian Culture

This stepped cross made up of an equal-armed cross indicating the cardinal points of the compass and representing the three levels of existence - Hana Pacha (the upper world inhabited by the superior gods), Kay Pacha, (the world of our everyday existence) and Ukhu or Urin Pacha (the underworld inhabited by spirits of the dead,

Theseearrings  with vibrant rubies are 2.5 inches long (51mm) and can be paired with matching stacking bracelets or stacking pendant or necklace.

Wt: approx 4g.

Rubies 0.04ct

Cross charm 0.4" x 0.4" (10 mm x 10 mm)

Available in oxidised sterling silver with black sapphires


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